Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Making Customers Smile

A lot of us know that we do our best work when we are happy. If there is stress or tension, we generally either try to avoid the situation or choose the least challenging avenues to get the work done. Those are not always the best pieces of work, they are generally just mediocre.

I was reminded of this fact in an email that I got recently. Now, hold that thought.

I have written before about the concept of customer satisfaction being proportional to employee satisfaction

When you put both of these together, what do we get? Well, you can get a lot of conclusions... but the one that got my mind going was that just like someone does their best work if they are happy, customers also "smile" when using products/services that they prefer and advocate. 

So as far as CEM goes, shouldn't out end goal in customer experience be to make the customer smile while using our products and services? If they are smiling, they will tell others what made them happy... heck, someone may just come up and ask "why are you smiling"...

All in all, one of the key objectives of any customer centric organization working across any number of channels should be to make the customer smile. You don't necessarily need to "wow" the customer, just a simple smile will do the job for you. If you can make the smile a habit, I assure you that you have a customer for life!

Think about it. And don't forget to smile when you do.

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  1. I love positive people and articles like this one. I go more often to the coffee shop were the lady behind the counter smiles at me. And I love it when the waiters at my pub says Hi and smiles. It just makes it more welcoming. And I think that can be translated in internet marketing as well. Just because they don't see you smiling doesn't mean you can't make them smile. Thanks Bhupesh Malhotra for making me smile today. :)